Torn Meniscus Physical Therapy

Torn Meniscus Physical Therapy

Does Torn Meniscus Physical Therapy Heal the Injury?

Each of your knees has two menisci, which are pads of cartilage that keep your thigh bone from banging into your shin bone as you move. It is fairly common for one of them to get torn. In sports, this can happen due to rough play, making sharp twisting motions, and from the general demands of certain sports. Many people also get a torn meniscus due to age.

Once torn, the meniscus, like many other cartilaginous parts, does not actually heal without surgery. However, many people can use torn meniscus physical therapy to reduce pain and regain functionality even without surgery. Whether this will work depends on the severity of the tear, its direction, the level of functionality desired, and other factors. Therefore, a doctor's examination is needed to determine the best course of action.

Athletes often have surgery for torn meniscus because they don't want to have the downtime associated with a pure physical therapy approach. Plus, without surgery, the meniscus is likely to get worse once athletic activity resumes.

Torn Meniscus Knee Injury
What does a Torn Meniscus look like

Even if surgery is done, torn meniscus physical therapy will be needed. It will focus on regaining range of motion, muscle flexibility, and finally, strength improvement.

Twisted ankle care is typically more straightforward. Twists cause sprains and strains, rather than cartilage damage. Upon injury, the ankle should be rested, and an ice pack applied to reduce swelling. Compression should also be applied, and the ankle raised. Later, twisted ankle care moves on to physical therapy to help retain strength and motion.

Many patients combine conventional therapies with alternative pain relief solutions such as the MedEcho Sports Recovery Kit. This kit, based on a variety of condition-specific formulas including Glutathione, Turmarian, Menthols, and Hemp CBD oil, helps not only with pain but with keeping the soft tissues supple.

Treating Torn Meniscus
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