The Secret to Alleviating Joint Pain – Benefits of Turmacin 0.5 g

Turmeric has widespread benefits and uses, many of which are medicinal in nature. In fact, turmeric shows utility in the management of several medical conditions, specifically those that involve inflammation. For example, turmeric can effectively treat joint conditions through the mediation of cytokine levels and inhibition of pro-inflammatory substances. Such mechanisms can improve clinical outcomes and functional ability by reducing pain and increasing mobility of the joints. Turmacin, an oral turmeric supplement, demonstrates safety and efficacy in the treatment of joint conditions.

Evidence of Turmacin efficacy

To understand the effects of turmeric in relieving joint pain, researchers evaluated Turmacin in healthy subjects. Specifically, investigators studied how 0.5 and 1 gram (g) of Turmacin decreased knee pain upon activity. During the screening period, interested participants walked for ten minutes on stair mill equipment at a speed of 60 steps per minute. To be eligible for treatment, participants needed to have a minimum score of 40 mm on a knee joint discomfort scale after their walk.

Investigators randomized 90 eligible participants to receive either placebo, Turmacin 0.5 g, or Turmacin 1 g in a 1:1:1 ratio. To measure efficacy, participants were first asked to walk on the stair mill. The outcomes measured during this test included: (1) time to initial pain while walking, (2) final pain score, (3) knee range of motion (ROM), and (4) force of knee muscle contraction.

Results indicated that Turmacin 0.5 g was effective versus placebo in improving pain threshold, knee range of motion, and muscle contraction. Compared with placebo, Turmacin 0.5 g lowered final pain scores significantly starting at day five. Turmacin 0.5 g also demonstrated increased joint ROM by almost five degrees on day 84, representing a clinically meaningful difference. In terms of safety, participants experienced minimal side effects, if any1.

MedEcho’s evidence-based Turmacin solution

The previously mentioned study confirmed the benefit of Turmacin 0.5 g in increasing pain threshold and knee ROM. Turmacin 0.5 g, therefore, offers a solution to improving joint health in those that struggle with discomfort and pain. At MedEcho, we formulated our Joint Solution, an oral joint pain product, with this data in mind. Likewise, the Joint Solution contains the evidence-based dosage of 0.5 mg of Turmacin to provide maximal relief and results.

MedEcho’s Sports Recovery Kit both contain the Joint Solution, which features our patented bioactive polysaccharide, Turmacin®. Turmacin is the clean label, natural way to add joint and cartilage support functionality to your formulation. The Joint Solution is a great way to receive the optimal level of Turmacin at or above .5 grams and experience the beneficial effects seen in clinical studies such as decreased pain, increased joint ROM, and improved muscle contraction. The solution is a great adjunct to our topical products, also included in the kits, to improve the health of your joints.


1. Raj JP, Venkatachalam S, Racha P, Bhaskaran S, Amaravati RS. Effect of Turmacin supplementation on joint discomfort and functional outcome among healthy participants - A randomized placebo-controlled trial. Complement Ther Med. 2020 Sep;53:102522.

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