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Why is a "Certificate of Analysis" program so important?

We ensure the purity of our products by conducting five-time testing and providing the Certificate of Analysis (COA) before any purchase.

See the Sport Recovery for Athletes program's product page for details.


Joint Support Spray ingredients of Turmacin, Lecithin, Natural Flavors, and Stevia infused with nano-particle 0.0% THC Free hemp CBD provides peace of mind. Premium topicals contain full-spectrum hemp derived CBD with < 0.3% THC for maximum strength, while application reassures no first-pass liver processing.

Made in the USA


All MedEcho products are manufactured in the USA with our Hemp sourcing from the majestic hills of Colorado, Kentucky, and California.  Our distribution and manufacturing are located in Naples, Florida. 

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Pain Serum 260 w Glutathione CBD Product
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MedEcho Joint Solution with Hemp CBD Photo

Manfuacturing Process


All MedEcho products are manufactured in the USA and are produced in FDA and OTC registered facilities at some of the highest quality plants in the United States.

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THC Level Assurance / Non-Intoxicating


MedEcho CBD products come with a certificate from third-party labs which ensures THC levels are 0% and no more than 0.3% per Section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill.  (THC is the compound in the plant most commonly associated with creating an intoxicating effect.)

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MedEcho CBD THC Control

0% to <0.3% THC Levels

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Hemp Purity and Potency


MedEcho Hemp CBD is grown in the USA that is organic and toxic-free.  All of our Hemp oil is extracted and tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals.

We extract our CBD and other cannabinoids using only clean methods – avoiding any toxins or harmful bi-products.

Highest Standards in Production

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